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Hello! We are Kourtnie and Stephen.  

We are a couple who both play and GM in TTRPGs. We quickly became dice goblins. Picking up sets almost anywhere we could. Pretty ones, cool ones and even some to match specific characters we were playing. 

What possible way could we have furthered our collection? 

Making dice of course!

So began our adventure of making silicone molds, pouring resin and deciding on colors. 

Creating sets of polyhedral dice using EnviroTex Lite resin as our medium, we mix different colors, pour styles and sometimes small items to create over 3 billion varieties for each set. We hand paint each number that best matches or contrasts the dice color or theme.

We enjoy seeing our friends, family and customers excitement when they receive sets. And even more so when they roll their first nat 20 with them!  

We wanted to give a big thanks to everyone who has supported us and helped us through this venture, and hope to keep the high rolls coming!

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